Welcome to Kathy’s Salon & Day Spa

Welcome to Kathy’s Salon and Day Spa’s

It’s great to have you here. So many new things are
happening and we’re very excited to share all the new
services, products and techniques.

We’ll be adding pages  and bringing this web-
site up to speed as quickly as we can.

While we love doing this web stuff, our main focus is
serving the wonderful clients that have gotten us to
where we are today, so if we’re a little slow getting
pages up, we’re sure that you will understand.

As we’re getting the site up to speed, we encourage
you to call us at 207-701-9500 to book an appointment
or ask a question.

As always, if that color that your sister-in-law did
last Saturday night with wine and cheese didn’t turn
out as you had hoped, we can fix that. :-)

Have most Fantastic day!!



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